VIDAPRO moves south

We got tired of the cold German winters, so we decided to move the company further south. Although we still love Bavaria, we thought that maybe the abundance of vitamin D rich oranges in Valencia would do our Lockdown blues more good than Weisswurst.

Change always brings opportunities, so the move is likely to result in more competitive rates as well as a more energised team, to better serve our clients.

Come visit us to talk about your next project, and we’ll get you a delicious glass of freshly pressed juice and maybe go for a stroll by the waterfront or the beach after the meeting ­čśë

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By Pablo Rohrssen

Pablo Rohrssen is an Engineer and Entrepreneur. He enjoys creating meaningful products with a positive impact. Based between Germany and Spain, he's been helping companies develop new products since even before graduating in 2013. Before VIDAPRO, he founded a successful web portal on Sustainability & Design, a Professional Association, a Freelance business and a start-up for manufacturing and developing solar PV gensets.