Agenda 2022

This is the VIDAPRO event calender, as of January 2022. Unfortunately, because of the covid situation we won’t bother throwing any parties to bring clients and partners together like we enjoyed in the past. But we will be doing some events and trips that you are welcome to take advantage of to talk about new projects or just catch up:

Holidays: we close on Easter (Thu-Sun) and between the 23rd December – 06 January. Summer holidays are adapted to the ongoing projects and planned well enough in advance.

Watch our website, for we’ll surely add some events to this short list.

Contact us to meet up at one of these events or any other time, online or in person.

*We’ll see. #covid-22

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By Pablo Rohrssen

Pablo Rohrssen is an Engineer and Entrepreneur. He enjoys creating meaningful products with a positive impact. Based between Germany and Spain, he's been helping companies develop new products since even before graduating in 2013. Before VIDAPRO, he founded a successful web portal on Sustainability & Design, a Professional Association, a Freelance business and a start-up for manufacturing and developing solar PV gensets.