Rohrssen Engineering & Design is now VIDAPRO

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It’s been some years since I started using Rohrssen Engineering & Design as the brand under which I freelanced and provided product design & deveopment services. In that time I’ve been priviledged to form part of great teams and projects, and at times had a few employees of my own.

However, it was never really the intention of Rohrssen Engineering & Design to grow much more than the services I could be sure to provide personally.

With time and with a growing focus on the life sciences sector, the personalized branding which carries my name started to feel slightly inadecuate. Therefore VIDAPRO was born, and has been smoldering a little bit in the backstage for a while… using it only for a few life science projects.

Now the time has come to simplify and unite my efforts with a renewed vision and focus: all my future business will be done in the next few years under VIDAPRO.

The goal of this re-branding is again to create something much better than myself, and grow the team again. Come join us on this adventure and let’s create great products together.

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By Pablo Rohrssen

Pablo Rohrssen is an Engineer and Entrepreneur. He enjoys creating meaningful products with a positive impact. Based between Germany and Spain, he's been helping companies develop new products since even before graduating in 2013. Before VIDAPRO, he founded a successful web portal on Sustainability & Design, a Professional Association, a Freelance business and a start-up for manufacturing and developing solar PV gensets.