VIDAPRO is a product development and engineering firm. We provide services to help our clients bring new products to the market and improve on existing ones.

We work on many different projects, for example in the Medical Device sector.

Who we are

pablo rohrssen

VIDAPRO as a brand is created by Pablo Rohrssen, after freelancing as a Design and Development Engineer for years, working for clients across different sectors and countries.

Every project is different, so a team is set up depending on what is needed. We try to keep the team the same during each project, and involve other partners, like manufacturers, early in the process to set the project up for success.

Where we are

Up until 2021 VIDAPRO was based in the Munich area, in Germany. In the early 2020’s many things have changed, and this has also lead to moving the operations base to the Valencia area, in Spain. From here VIDAPRO is in a position to serve clients accross Europe, and the world. The region boasts excellent connections per high speed rail, air, road or sea.

Who we work for

Our clients are companies that develop products, devices or machines. We have completed projects in many different sectors such as:

Our working languages are English, German and Spanish.

To find out more aout us, check out our Design Philosophy, or don’t hesitate to contact us.