Design Philosophy

At VIDAPRO we don’t just design… we believe design and invention is one of the oldest human activities and one of the best ways to empower ourselves over our limitations.

However, design is never an end in itself. The aim of every design exercise is to create an improvement in the world, and it is to be judged by its consecuences.

Thus, it’s not something to do lightheartedly. To guarantee that the benefit is greater than the effort expended (or the “side effects”), a rational methodology is needed. Fortunately, there’s no need to rely on luck to inspire us: there are proven methods and processes within engineering design which will lead consistently to creative solutions for specific problems.

Our Vision

Industrialisation is a powerful phenomenon. It allows the result of a creative process to be multiplied many times with comparativly low cost, thus impacting the lives of a great amount of people. This is what drives us:

to create products
that have a positive impact
on peoples lives
and on the planet

If we spend on average about a third of our productive lives working, we had better make that time count.

Our Values

We value working with team members, partners and clients that share our core values:

  • We serve others, by solving problems.
  • Respect is fundamental: it means respecting our commitments, respecting diversity and respecting the needs of our project partners.
  • Reason guides us, and lets us measure the results of our design decisions.

Contact us, to see this engineering design philosophy applied to your product ideas.