Design Services

Mechanical Design

Our core competence at VIDAPRO is Mechanical Engineering Design. This implies a rational, calculated methodology for solving specific mechanical problems, be it the design of a housing, a mechanism, a component or a complex assemby or product. Of course, design for assembly and design for manufacturability are core considerations.

Industrial Design

VIDAPRO provides Industrial Design services. Under Industrial Design we refer to everything related to the form, aesthetics, ergonomics, usability and interaction design of products. We have Industrial Design competences in-house, and also work with brilliant partners in this area.

3D Modelling

At VIDAPRO we use a variety of common CAD programs to create detailed 3D models of the products that we design. We have our own licenses or adapt to our clients. The 3D data that is produced can be used as virtual prototypes, for product presentations and marketing materials, or of course most commonly for manufacting purposes.

We can also provide movement simulations and analysis for mechanisms and assemblies.

FEA simulation

Additionally to the traditional calculations that flow into any engineered design, we can also provide basic Finite Element Analysis capabilities for our products. This is commonly used on the go, to dimension parts and check safety factors or estimate deformations under load.

For complex calculations, such as fall and impact simulations, we have reliable partners specialised in these fields.

Design Detailing

Once the concept is defined and laid out, a design must be detailed to ensure fit, assembly and manufacturability. The devil is in the details, and the detailing of the design can either ensure it works correctly or have expensive consecuences. We provide services to ensure everything goes smoothly in the transition to a product manufactured in series. In this stage, tolerance analysis and component dimensioning becomes particularly important.

Design Drafting and Documentation

Although sometimes it’s possible to manufacture a part or a product based solely on 3D Data, more often than not it’s essential to capture the nuances of the design intention with additional documentation to ensure reliable manufacturing. In complex machines or devices subject to regulations such as CE certification, this and other documentation forms part of the technical file that is required to legally bring the product on to the market.

Prototype Development

There are different typs of prototypes, that play a fundamental role in product development. Often, it’s essential to create a form or design model, to test the feel and appearence of an industrial design concept.

Another important type are mechanical concept mock-ups, maybe to test a mechanism or a mechanical design principle.

A functional model goes a step further, and may not be representative of the manufacturing processes but will provide proof of function or important lessons to optimise the design.

Finally, a production prototype will try to be as faithful as possible to the final prototype, using the same materials and manufacturing methods.

Despite the usefulness of 3D models, sometimes it’s quicker, more reliable and even cheaper to test the real thing. Practical models and prototypes are essential to ensure project sucess and we help our clients in developing, sourcing and supplying these items.

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