Product development services

Our main activity at VIDAPRO is assisting clients in bringing new products to the market or improving existing ones.

Apart from actual design work, we provide a range of services associated with product development. These are essential to ensure the project is successful and worthwhile.

Specification Development

A sometimes slightly overlooked stage of the product development is the specification development, or priority clarification. This should happen right at the start. We assist our clients in clarifying the needs of new projects, or researching into relevant standards and laws that may affect products.

Concept Development

Conceptual development should not be confused with 3D design. Design will play a role in this phase, and it’s here where platform or architectural decisions need to be taken, before the design can be detailed. These decisions should be taken using rational criteria, and more often than not various considerations have to be carefully studied and weighed against each other before locking the project into a concept.

Ecodesign consulting

A product can never be considered great if it causes irreversable environmental damage. There is a whole discipline of science and engineering dedicated to creating products that don’t come at the expense of the planet, and we help our clients apply these methodologies to the product design along all development phases.

Project coordination

New product development projects are often long and complex, full of pitfalls to the unwary. Schedules are hard to keep if there isn’t clear communication and a professional management of the project between the different participants. Realising that a succesfull product development is always a team effort, we support our clients in making sure everything happens smoothly and on time.

Product development consulting

Our clients can take advantage of our experience in a range of industries (including aerospace, automotive, machinery, consumer goods, test & measurement, laboratory equipment or medical devices, to name a few), to help optimise their product development processes.

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